Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Where does the time go?

I'll tell you where it goes ... unpacking and making a home and let's not forget the LAUNDRY!!! I think I've been caught up on the laundry (all washed, folded and put away) only once since we've lived here. Let's see, we've been here almost eight weeks. Oh, yeah, and I'm pregnant. Wow, that one was a shock. This is it for us ... the last go-round. Number four and we're done. Apparently I got pregnant that weekend we moved in. You know, the one when the kids were all at Grammy and PawPaw's house?

Everyone's settling in nicely. I absolutely love having Mitchell's room downstairs. He can nap while the other kids play and play and play upstairs, so we're all enjoying that. John planted 60+ shrubs around the fence and 12 trees in the backyard. That was quite a weekend of work, but it looks really great and will look even better in a couple of years.

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