Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2-week visit

We went for Charlotte's two-week appointment today. She gained 13 ounces in 7 days - she's now up to 6 lbs. 13 oz. The doctor said that it's fine to let her sleep until she wakes up during the night since she's gaining weight so well ... which is good because that's what I've been letting her do! She generally eats at 10 p.m., 3:30 a.m., and then 7 a.m. I consider myself very lucky to only be getting up once at night.

We are using a Miracle Blanket with Charlotte and it's awesome. I've never been able to swaddle a baby this well. We highly recommend it, since it's like a little straight-jacket!


kim said...

Sounds like Charlotte is doing great! She is such a cutie! Glad she is doing well for you guys.

Ditto on the miracle blanket! Gavin is 3 months old now and we still use it every night. Never could get passed the first week or two with my other kids. My doc wanted me to wait till he was 11 lbs. before letting him go through the night (probably because she knows I'm paranoid about that). Before that, I always had to wake him at 4 hours the first two weeks and then 5 hours until he was 6 weeks old. I concur, it is awesome! He sleeps 10-12 hours most nights now. I just hope he continues this when we have to give the straight-jacket up!

Crissy said...

Oh to have 10-12 hours of continuous sleep...