Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Delivery is Imminent

Well, of course it is! I can't be pregnant forever!

I went to the doctor today and I'm 3 cm. and 80% effaced. Since she can't deliver this baby this weekend and I'm (as she said it) a "ticking time bomb," we decided that she would strip my membranes. If the baby is ready, this can jump-start labor. If you want to know what "stripping of membranes" is, click here. It's a pretty painful procedure, but it seems to have worked. I'm having contractions every 8 minutes or so. Mom and Dad are on their way into town, and we think we'll probably be headed to the hospital sometime this evening. We'll try to labor at home as long as possible.

The next update may be after the birth!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats, Crissy! I hope it works - July 5th/6th sounds like a wonderful birthday. I'll pray for a safe delivery and easy recovery for you and little Charlotte.