Monday, November 06, 2006

Four months old

Charlotte is now four months old. Wow, does time fly, or what? We had her four-month well-check today and she weighed in at 14 lbs. 3 oz. And to think that when we brought her home she was just a tiny six-pound peanut! Now, she laughs out loud (especially when I fake a sneeze - that's hilarious, you know) and she "talks" to us all the time. She really is a great baby. And she looks so pathetic right now with one pink and three orange band-aids on her legs from the shots today.

John and I traveled to New Hampshire last week. He was recruiting at Dartmouth College and so I tagged along. We left Tuesday morning and flew to Boston, then drove up to Hanover, NH for two nights. We took Charlotte with us and it was lovely. She is just right on the hairy edge of being too old to travel easily, but we got very lucky. Although, it seems that her favorite thing last week was to blow out her diapers. Why do babies love to do that in airports, or Talbot's, or, say, at a nice restaurant? She did have the decency, once, however, to do it in an outfit that snapped all the up the front and down the legs, to getting it off wasn't a problem. The rest of the time she was wearing onesie-style tops, so [use your imagination here so that I don't have to type "poop"].

The leaves were peaking in the Boston area, but alot of the trees were already bare in Hanover. Except for one right outside our hotel on the "green". It was flaming red ... so beautiful. Thursday morning, before we drove back to Boston to catch our flight home, we took a little side trip to Quechee, VT, to a pottery and glass-making facility and restaurant. It was so fascinating. They were using hydroelectric power from the river outside to heat the furnace to 2400 degrees and make glass. We watched them blowing glass and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Charlotte slept the whole time.

It was an amazing, refreshing trip. Thanks to my parents, who watched the other three kids while we were gone.

On another note, I thought I had it rough with doctor appointments until I read this from another blogging mom who has SEVEN children. "On my calendar this month for the children I have five dental cleanings, one dental sealants, four orthodontist consultations, and two check-ups at the pediatrician." That's 12 appointments in one month! Not counting sick kid visits! I feel blessed. :)

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Lindsay said...

Yea! An update! Can you believe how fast our babies are growing up? I guess you never get used to it, if you're feeling it on #4. James turned 6 months old this week. How did that happen? We're flying with him for the first time over T'giving, so we'll see how that goes.

Glad you had a nice, relaxing trip!