Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Mitchell is turning into the funniest child I know. I swear I laugh out loud at him sometimes. Like today. He was sitting in the booster chair (he's been evicted from the high chair because of you-know-who. She's eating cereal now, you know, but that's another post) and he kept calling me over saying, "Mommy, hurt!" and pointing at his leg. Until I took a close look and discovered a tiny scab on his knee. He didn't stop complaining about his "hurt" until I actually picked the scab off. Then it was all better. Now that's weird! Then, just moments later, I said "Oops!" about something unrelated. Then I hear a little voice say "In da potty." Oops in the potty. No, let's clarify. "Poops in the potty!"

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