Monday, February 12, 2007

Funny things

Funny conversations

Crissy: (enter holding crying baby)
Jack: Charlotte is really sensible (sensitive) this morning.


Scene ... Jack and Holly Grace at the kitchen table. John is on his way home from a week-long business trip. They are making welcome home cards for John.

John: (Entering the room) Hey, guys!
Jack: No, Daddy! We're not done yet!!!
John (shrugs and heads outside)
Crissy: How's that for a "welcome home?"

Cards are presented to John. Pink hearts with fancy-scissor-trimmed edges. Writing on Holly's (done by Jack):
"Welcome Homo Daddy!"


Holly Grace: Talk to me some more about what happened at school today, Mommy.
Crissy: Don't you think you should talk to me? After all, you were the one who was there!
Holly Grace: I can't renember!


Sam's Mom: (picking up the kids from school) Okay, everybody, let's hold hands in the parking lot!
Holly Grace: I'm a hooker!


Lindsay said...

hahaha! Aren't you glad you have a blog to capture these things? There's no way it would end up in a baby book!

Crissy said...

Last night I was reading through some of my old blog entries and laughing. I should print it all out in case the internet implodes or Al Gore decides to destroy it. :)