Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Two Year Old Threw Me Under the Bus


We were on our way out to eat Sunday night (all six of us) but first we had to stop at SuperTarget and pick up a prescription. John dropped me off at the door and circled the parking lot while I ran in. While I was inside, he aske Mitchell, "Where'd Mommy go?"

To which Mitchell replied, "Ummmm. Get coffee!!!"

Oh, yes. He ratted me out. John was not supposed to know that every time he sees a "Target" charge for $4.37 that it is a Grande Half-Caf, Extra Hot Peppermint Mocha.


Beth said...

Anna did the same thing to me the other day. While I have been home we have to vacate the house to let the cleaning ladies come. Well we have to be out by 9, they don't wake up until 8. We have been going to my mom's to hang out while the house gets cleaned, I just have been taking the girls out to get breakfast then going to my mom's house. We passed McDonalds the other day and Anna says, "MMMM, pancakes, Grandmommy's house" David just looks and me funny and says, "I wonder what she means?" Knowing very well what she meant. BUSTED!

Crissy said...

They're so dang smart already! Totally under the bus. How's the baby? Loved the photos you sent out the other night.