Monday, June 18, 2007

Augmentin = Chocolate!

Really, it's true! Augmentin tends to give kids diarrhea, so our doctor recommends a Hershey's kiss after every dose. It works! Even Charlotte gets 3.5 mL of chocolate syrup after every 3.5 mL dose of augmentin. Genius! And the kids NEVER complain about taking their medicine.

Speaking of which, have you ever tasted this medicine? It's nasty, really. When Jack was about three years old, he was taking augmentin (and complaining about it - I didn't know the chocolate trick at the time). My parents were in town and my dad was really talking it up: "Jack, you're really going to like it; it's yummy white medicine!" (Jack called it "white medicine"). Jack looked at him with a really straight face and out of the mouth of my babe came, "PawPaw, have you ever HAD white medicine?"

My dad, realizing that he really couldn't actually attest to the tastiness of augmentin, wisely said, "Well, you know, Jack, I haven't ever had white medicine. But you still have to take it."

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