Thursday, June 07, 2007

My life in numbers

6 - the number of people in our family
6 - the number of people in our family who went on vacation
5 - the number of people in our family who came home sick
5 - the number of doctor appointments our family had yesterday
3 - the number of ear infections diagnosed (well, Charlotte's isn't technically an infection ... yet)
4 - the number of breathing treatments Jack has had since then
3-5 - the number of minutes it takes to administer a breathing treatment with the new "fast" cup
20 - the number of minutes I spent LOOKING for the nebulizer
370 - the number of tissues I've used on my own and other's noses
1 - the number of sinus infections diagnosed (my own)
2 - the number of times I was up during the night hacking up a lung
37 - the number of minutes I was up during the four-o'clock hour
14 - the number of items I "googled" while awake in the middle of the night (killin' time - ya know?)
3 - the number of people on antibiotics in this house
2 - the number of yeast infections I predict we will be dealing with in less than two weeks
6 - the number of prescriptions I picked up at Target yesterday
4586 - the combined number of mine and Jack's coughs through the night
8 - the number of times I predict narcolepsy will overtake me today


Beth said...

I am sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I know that is not much fun. All three girls are recovering from what the doctor says, "Oh, it is just a cold." Just a cold, I would like for him to spend one night at the house and deal with all the snot and coughing. Come on... give us something good to let them sleep. Now David and I both have it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the sickies! I've heard that you can put Vick's on your kids' feet with socks, and that will help their cough overnight. My aunt tried it, and it worked for her, too.