Thursday, September 11, 2008

The new thing that I love

It's called Click-and-Pull. It's at Sam's Club. It helps me avoid the vortex at Sam's that sucks you in holds you hostage and makes you pay a ransom of at least $200 to leave the store. Every Sunday, I log onto and "do" my grocery shopping. It's great. I take John's laptop upstairs and sit with him while he watches football. Good wife, on two counts. She is grocery shopping and she is also watching football. I click "place order" and go about my business. Monday morning, I drop the two big kids off at school at 8, then Mitchell at 9. Then I cruise right on over to Sam's, go through the exit (since I am a big fancy "Business" member and can shop earlier than the lowly PUBLIC). I pull my order out of a binder at the membership desk, take it to a cashier, and pay for it. Then a person brings my cold stuff out of the back and I pick up my basket of everything else by the pharmacy. Then we leave. Ten minutes, tops. The End.

Warning: you cannot add stuff to your Sam's Club shopping cart over a period of a couple of days. It will not save. It makes me sad, but this is how it is. I know from experience, so trust me. All of your "clicking" will be for naught if you try to keep "adding" to the cart over time. You will log in and the cart will be empty. And there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And someone might rend their garments. It's very upsetting, is what I'm saying, so use a 20th century notepad and pen to make your list until you are ready to shop.


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness. This is life-altering information! I absolutely HATE shopping, especially at the big Wal Mart/Sam's stores and especially now that I have a baby. But it's such a savings that I buck up and go. I've actually considered doing the grocery delivery service thing because the nominal fee is worth it for how much I hate shopping, but they only offer name-brand products (expensive!), and we're a generic family. We just made our Sam's run, but I now can't wait to get to do it this way!
Thanks for sharing. =)

Crissy said...

So glad to be of service! :) I know, it's really a great thing. I hear ya regarding shopping with kids. Here's another great tip for when Hannah gets older: the Kroger on Main St. has CHILDCARE! The kids have to be 3 years old and potty trained. At least I can drop three of my four off there while I shop in the summer time. Then I just have to bribe Charlotte with a tortilla, and I get a good twenty minutes of peaceful shopping.