Saturday, January 13, 2007

Identify yourselves!

It's delurking week, the brain child of Sheryl over at Paper Napkin. If you enjoy the blog, or even if you just read it because you're related to me and feel like you have to, leave a comment and show me some love. Seriously.


Lindsay said...

You know I'm here!

boksanen said...

Love to check in on you - have to see how wild it gets with 4... :)

The Spinellis said...

Sad, I have time to look at your blog but not enough time to update mine! Good job to a mommy of 4!!!

kim said...

I checked in a couple of times in December, but just now have gotten around to seeing your January posts. I'm here and love to see the latest goings on in your home.

laurie said...


Don't have much time to check in, but I do try to every now and then to see that I'm not the only mother that lives a crazy life.

You're a great writer.