Monday, August 06, 2007

Charlotte's First Birthday Party Slide Show

This is a digital scrapbook I made yesterday in about 3 hours with software from Topline Creations (TLC). I LOVE this software. This template was pre-designed, so I just dropped in my photos and adjusted sizes, etc., when needed. I went to see a demo of this software and fell in love - so much so that I signed up to sell it. If you are interested in a copy of it, let me know! I am having a hard-bound copy of the book printed by TLC and I've burned an interactive CD with music for my mom. You can mouse over the slide show to stop on a page at any time. I made the slide show with the hi-res images of each scrapbook page on ... super-easy!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this!! You did a great job. I've purchased this theme, but haven't even installed it yet. I definitely need to. Soooo cute! She's going to love her book!

Julie Hunden

Bre Holifield said...

So cute! I especially love the pictures of you and Charlotte. The close-up is such a great moment and she's looking straight at the camera. Great slideshow. :)

BrenOaks said...

I cannot believe she is already one. My my how time flies!! Thought I sent you the link when I started my blog- sorry! Glad you checked it out though! Hope you are doing well. Looks like you guys have a great pool/backyard. May to chat with you about who did the pool!