Saturday, August 04, 2007

I have been shamed

Okay, so I have been shamed into posting (see Lindsay's blog at Scroll down to the part where it says I update "rarely"). What's going on in our lives? Let's see...

Since my last post I have:
*Watched Charlotte take her first steps. Captured it on film - video and still! Still don't know how to get digital video off my camera and onto my Mac. Help, Bre!
*Celebrated Charlotte's birthday with grandparents, great-grandma (NaniDot) and my brother, Cory, and his kids. What's that? You want to see photos? Okay... coming soon.
*Spent a week with my brother's wife and their littlest while her older two and my older two went to "Grandkids' Camp". Yes, it's awesome. I shall blog on that, as well.
*Spent two weeks with my parents in New Mexico at their cabin. Mom and I scrapbooked like crazy and I got SIXTY pages done. And the weather was gorgeous. And the food was amazing.
*Had a minor day surgery. I'm fine. Don't worry. I suppose I could blog on that if you want gory details.
*Watched the first three episodes of the first season of the BBC's "Coupling". John and I laughed out loud several times. Although it was odd watching a show with canned laughter again. We don't watch many sitcoms ... actually "The Office" is the only one we watch, and there's no canned laughter, so it took us a while to get used to it again. But, it's hilarious.
*Been to the library twice with four kids (glutton for punishment).
*Been to the Honda dealership to replace the rear entertainment system remote that we can only assume was inadvertantly thrown away after our spring break trip to the mountains. It was $238 to replace. I said, "No thanks". Update: John found one on a Honda Accessories website for a mere $168. I guess I'll have to suck it up and pay it.

Alright, everybody happy? More coming...

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Lindsay said...

I didn't mean to shame you! And I am just not checking, and I am waaaaaaaay behind! How fun for me!