Sunday, August 05, 2007

Grandkids' Camp

Every summer, my parents take all the grandkids who are potty-trained with them for a period of time and give us moms and dads a break. The first year, it was just Jack and Will. And actually, they weren't potty trained. Either of them. They were 21 months and 12 months, respectively. After the first two years of "Grandkids' Camp" (or GKC, as they call it), when they pretty much changed diapers and put babies down for naps all day, they instituted the "must be potty-trained" rule. They have seven grandkids now, but only four are potty-trained. The cast of characters: Jack (7), Will (6), Holly Grace (5) and Grant (4). And of course, Grammy and PawPaw. This year, GKC was a WEEK LONG. One week of heaven.

Several years ago, Christi (my SIL) and I decided that it would be fun for the two of us to get together and scrapbook while the kids were away. So we meet up either at her house or mine (we live about 5 hours apart) and work as fast and furiously as possible. The highlights of our time together are: eating, scrapbooking, and getting the daily email update on how camp is going from my mom. After all the kids are in bed each night, she writes us an email that highlights the day. So, I thought I would share the highlights of GKC with you! This year's theme (EVERY year has a theme!) was Ice Cream Every Day.

Grammy and PawPaw came into town for Charlotte's birthday and picked up all four kids. They left at 9 a.m. Saturday morning ...

GKC 2007
Day 1
July 8, 2007 12:08:44 AM CDT

Oh yes, it is very late! We had a good, but long day. Leaving a little late was just the beginning! Will shared his Spiderman comic books that Nani Dot gave him and everyone was busy for a while. Then, the movie was good.

At Sonic, we ordered a dozen corny dogs, tater tots and slushies. As Grammy remembered to get Grant's patch and closed the back of the Land Cruiser, there were four little heads popping up through the sunroof! We got everyone back inside along with lunch and went on down the road to the rest area for lunch and playing.

Holly coughed a lot, but it did not slow her down much until later. There were lots of trains today, mostly stopped and very long. Everyone has been kind and generous!

When we talked about stopping at the local water park, Holly Grace said that she loves water parks! As we turned in, Will said that he had always dreamed about going to this place! So, about 5 pm, we arrived there, got changed and lockered and in the water. It really felt good! The wave pool was fun and the lazy river was nice, but Holly barely made it around two times. She must have gotten water in her mouth and started coughing again. It did not stop and she was exhausted. She and Grammy sat in the lounge chairs and she went to sleep wrapped in towels! Grammy was so worried about her, thinking that there could be a trip to the emergency room or at least some phone calls this evening. PawPaw and the boys went off to ride the big slides. Jack was a little apprehensive, but he was glad that he went. When they returned, Holly Grace woke up happy and refreshed and walked to the car! Miraculous recovery!

At home, we showered, had Meatloaf for dinner and went to get snow cones for our ice cream of the day. Jack had cinnamon, Will had toasted red something (can I get back to you with that?), Grant had spiderman, Holly Grace had blue coconut, Grammy had strawberry daiquiri and PawPaw had butterscotch.
Jammies, meds, tooth brushing and off to bed for all!

Tomorrow will bring adventures at the volcano!
Love from GKC~
Grammy and PawPaw

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Grandkids Camp, this is the best idea I think I have ever heard. I will have to fill my parents in on this one!