Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grandkids' Camp Day 3

GKC 2007
Day 3
Date: July 9, 2007 11:19:53 PM CDT

What a great day at GKC in the mountains! Grant was the first up, but came downstairs and into Grammy and PawPaw's room very quietly. Holly Grace followed later, then Will and Jack was last. We had eggs with bacon and cheese, hash browns, toast, pears and peaches and apple juice for breakfast. A Bible story every morning helps us through the day. We had a Smokey the Bear Fire Safety Fun lesson, too.

Outside, the boys gathered rocks for collections and Holly Grace opened a Rock Store. Rocks were free and cleaning the rocks was free, too! So, the rock cleaning began. They all used water and "toulet" (Holly's pronunciation) paper leaves (a nice soft and rather large leafy plant that they all agreed would be perfect for an outdoor toilet!). We have a fine rock shop on the deck, now.

A ride on the 4 wheelers took us to the creek and back before lunch. Lunch was individual make your own pizzas - yummy and creative. Everyone had 2 english muffins. Toppings included marinara sauce, mozzarella, canadian bacon, jalapenos, capers and olives. Some toppings never made it to the pizzas. :)

Quiet time was wonderful for everyone. Holly Grace listened to Amelia Bedelia in the east bedroom, Grant read 2 books and slept in the west bedroom and Jack and Will listened to Hank the Cowdog in the attic room. PawPaw and Grammy rested in the bedroom. This all lasted one perfect hour! After helping Paw Paw with new water hoses for the trees, it was off again to the creek on the 4 wheelers.

Everyone made and cooked their own supper tonight. We had yummy chicken trail burgers. Eating on the deck was a treat. We are so proud of all the participation of all the campers!

The boys were playing out back and Jack accidentally hit Will in the back with a big stick. We knew that it was serious when Will cried. Apparently, it knocked Will's breath out. Jack was horrified! We are unsure who cried more - Will or Jack. All was immediately forgiven. Ice cream saved the day!

Throughout the day, there was the zip line and exploring and rock climbing. No bears are coming around here, but Grant discovered a big, huge pile of bear poop just south of the cabin. He thinks we should clean it up tomorrow - maybe he will forget.

A quick game with the Woodsy the Owl team kept some busy while others showered. Then, a Bible story and we started reading a book. We hope to complete it this week. Sleepy kids brought bedtime and good rest.

We have found that camp is so easy with older kids! We are getting spoiled!
Grammy and PawPaw

Don't get too spoiled, Grammy and PawPaw ... Mitchell is pooping in the potty these days. I have a feeling he'll be joining you next year.

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