Monday, August 06, 2007

Grandkids' Camp Day 2

GKC 2007
Day 2
Date: July 8, 2007 11:06:17 PM CDT

Well, let's see - where to begin. Perhaps at 4:30 this morning with coughing and crying. Holly Grace needed more meds, then right back to sleep on the floor beside Grammy. At 6:30, Jack and Will appeared at Grammy's side, dressed and ready for the day! hey did not see Holly, but avoided stepping on her, so she slept a little later. Grant was soon behind them.

So, off to Capulin early, had breakfast on the way (yogurt, oatmeal to go bars, pinapple juice and yogurt covered raisins). There was a feed lot on the way and Will told us that he saw two cows wrestling. One of them "got bucked up". Hmmmmm.

Capulin Mountain finally appeared and we were so excited! Stopping at the information center, we watched a short video (Grant was looking for the video games). We drove up to the crater to hear the ranger talk. Jack was really in to her talk and interacted with her. We had picnic sack lunches of string cheese, peanut butter crackers, goldfish, teddy grahams and capri sun - eaten not necessarily in that order. We hiked down to the center of the crater and completed the lady bug hike forms. Everyone received their lady bug buttons. Jack and Will received the junior ranger badges - oath and all after completing the requirements! We even saw a lady bug this time. Will spotted her first! Of course we stopped for a group picture at the entrance sign.

A movie kept everyone occupied while we drove to the cabin and finished the lunch bags. Grant slept. It was not a long trip and we arrived at the cabin a little after 4 pm. So, we unloaded, poured wine (adults only) and built a campfire. Hot dogs and s'mores were a big hit. We are glad to report that there are no burns on any bodies.

We took the 4 wheelers to the cafe for our daily dose of ice cream and rode back little way in the rain. Hot showers, meds, teeth brushed and story time completed the evening. All four campers are asleep in the attic room.

Everyone is playing nicely and earning stickers for the name tags. Jack is all about that!

Holly Grace is better today, but her energy level seems to fluctuate. We keep ibuprofen, cough drops and cough syrup handy, but she is improving. Tonight, she started coughing and Will said, "Bless your heart" as he put his arms around her. It was really sweet.

We are all happy to be at the cabin and off the road. Everyone is looking forward to coffee with PawPaw in the morning.

More tomorrow!
Grammy and PawPaw

PS - Will had a red tiger blood snow cone last night.

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